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Meet the THX News Team

THX News Founder and CEO Ivan Golden

Ivan Golden

Founder and CEO

Experience: Former owner & CEO of the Golden Books Group 1991-2012. 

Location: Tucson, Arizona USA. 

Years in business: 31 

Hobbies and interests: Tennis, Book Binding, Restoration, Fine Art & Family.

Neil Brand Lead Engineer at THX News

Neil Brand (Team Leader)

Web Developer | Cyber Security Enthusiast | Python Programmer. 

Location: Orlando, Florida USA. 

Programming Experience: 14+ Years

Ebrahim Mohamed (Front End Lead)

Web Developer | Data Analyst | Python Programmer. 

Location: Orlando, Florida USA. 

Programming Experience: 3 Years

Md Abdul Kader Marketing Department

Md Abdul Kader (Marketing & Promotions)

Digital Marketing Specialist & SEO Professional.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Marketing Experience: 16 + Years

More About Our Project

THX News website is currently in Beta as we develop a new type of free global news, travel information and education network. Our vision is to open up this resource gradually.   

THX News is already delivering local news globally 24/7 with 7,000 + countries, cities and towns currently being served. We have embarked on this journey towards a different kind of media service that keeps the viewer much better informed. Through the use of AI/Machine Learning technology we will create fast & accurate personalized experiences.  

The THX News Founder/Owner, Ivan Golden, is the Great Grandson of the Detroit based US grocery pioneer Abner A Wolf (Inc.). Abner start out on a market stall in the Great recession and eventually built up a coast to coast empire of whole selling warehouses. His vision was to distribute fresh fruit and vegetable to every corner store/mini mart around North America. Mr. Golden now has a similar vision to distribute news, information & knowledge but to a global market.

Mr. Golden started his first business in 1991 and grew that from a market stall to an international business over the course of 22 years. He has a passion for recycling, customer service & the free  distribution of knowledge.