The THX News Project

Last Updated: 22nd September 2022.

We’re excited to announce that THX News is now evolving towards a new type of free global local news, travel information, and education website. Our vision was originally to open up this resource gradually over the next three years.

However, recent new technological advancements have given us a window of opportunity to launch a fully global bare-bones demo. The demo is currently being tested before release. It may be a few weeks before we are happy to launch as we encountered more bugs than expected.



What Can You Expect to See?

Up-to-date News, Travel & Educational articles/blogs will be published daily. The news content is a mix of mainstream media and THX News’s content. We are aiming to get to 50% internally produced content as soon as possible. Our articles and blogs are written to be factual and without bias (as much as possible).

A portal for exterior contributors (freelancers, journalists, reporters, public contributors, etc.) has been created and it will be launched for all to use when the demo website is launched.




Recent changes to the test website in preparation for the move to the THX News Demo website.

1. Our new logo has been added.

2. A THX News RSS feed has been added to the home page in the “THX News Feeds” section.

3. We are publishing news and information articles on Google News.

4. Links have been added to many pages showing.



Our History So Far.

THX News’s test website has been live since September 2020 and is already delivering local news globally 24/7. With over 7,000 pages of subject news, local news, and weather forecasts we have already been helping to keep people informed worldwide. We embarked on this epic journey to give people all over the world free access to unbiased information and resources. This continues to be our mission.



Founders Background.


Abner points at pledge


Ivan Alexander Golden is the founder/CEO of THX News. He is the Great Grandson of the Detroit-based US grocery pioneer Abner A Wolf (Inc.). Abner started on a market stall in the Great Recession and eventually built up a coast-to-coast empire of whole selling warehouses. His vision was to distribute fresh fruit and vegetable to every corner store/mini mart around North America.

Mr. Golden has a similar vision to distribute news, information & knowledge to a global market. This is a major project but with real-world benefits.

Meet the THX News Team Leaders

THX News Founder and CEO Ivan Golden

Ivan Golden

Founder | CEO

Experience: Former owner & CEO of the Golden Books Group 1991-2012. 

Location: Tucson, Arizona USA. 

Years in business: 31 

Hobbies and interests: Tennis, Book Binding, Restoration, Fine Art & Family.

Neil Brand Lead Engineer at THX News

Neil Brand (IT Team Leader)

Web Developer | Cyber Security Enthusiast | Python Programmer. 

Location: Orlando, Florida USA. 

Programming Experience: 15+ Years

Md Abdul Kader Marketing Department

Md Abdul Kader (Marketing & Promotions)

Digital Marketing Specialist & SEO Professional.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Marketing Experience: 17 + Years

The Full Team

THX News has a number of team members working in the background. They include an editor, 16 Listers, a Bookkeeper, 2 Business Mentors and a IT Consultant.

We also work with volunteers from all over the world who help us test our services.