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The THX News team including the CEO Ivan Golden

The THX News Team

At THX News we have a team of managers on three continents: UK, USA & Asia. Our team includes family members, former key personnel, consultants and freelancers. Currently product distribution happens from the UK and Tucson, Arizona.

The Story of THX News

The business originally started on a market stall in London, England in 1990. The official launch was in February 1991 with the foundation of Golden Books LTD.

Within a year we opened the first of 5 book stores starting from North Kent, UK. Eventually we ran three stores in Kent (UK), one store in Camden Passage, London and a store in Kansas City, Kansas.

Goldien Books Group | Re-Branding

The owner and founder of the Golden Books Group is Ivan Golden. He has been the CEO throughout the businesses 30 year history. The original name of the company was Golden Books Ltd though this changed in 1996 to The Golden Books Group. At that time the company had recently launched their first bookstore in Kansas City, Kansas and there was a name clash with the children’s books range published by Random House. 

With times changing, in 1999 we closed the five bricks and mortar bookshops to go extensively online. Originally the company had 6 employees listing products on Ebay, Amazon and on our five websites. These websites made up the original Golden Books Group.

Recent Company History

The Golden Books Group stopped trading in 2012 after Mr. Golden suffered a serious health problem. In 2016 I had recovered enough to re-open the company under the name Goldiers LLC. The company launched with a series of websites in 2018 and 2019 which included LoversBee (Asian/Western dating), SublimeBTC (Cryptocurrency news service) and RedSurveys (macro earnings).

THX News was officially  launched in May 2020. SublimeBTC and RedSurveys were initially launched in 2020. However both websites are still in the development stages. SublimeBTC will be re-launched in the fall of 2021. There is no set date to re-launch RedSurveys yet.

The Future for THX News

THX News has a rapid and ongoing development process. We are  growing on every front and plan to make many changes in the next 3 to 5 years.

A brief timetable for developments:

3rd Q 2021 – Main Target is to increase world news pages (target is a news page for every major city worldwide). Continue securing more quality affiliate advertisers. Improve visitor facilities, services and navigation.

All Objectives Achieved.

4th Q 2021 – The main objective in this quarter is to reach 3,000 pages of world and subject news. SEO is already happening but we will start setting aggressive targets for engagement levels for the 2nd Q of 2022.

1st Q 2022 – Branding time. We will bring the marketing and in particular the branding will be taken to the next level. This will include having a uniform and engaging brand that is widely seen. We are also looking for philanthropists and/or investors who recognize the value this service will provide and are willing to commit. 

2nd Q 2022 – At this stage we are looking to create rapid growth through social media advertising and direct contact with key information distribution partners.

3rd Q 2022 – Complete website re-design to allow the latest technology to work seamlessly throughout the website. We also plan to start development on the app with completion to be complete by the end of 2022.

4th Q 2022 – Extensive testing of both the new website design and the app before the roll out in the 1st Q of 2023. New personnel and managers will start to be engaged both remotely and in one business location. 

1st Q 2023 – Training and development continues at a solid pace. Franchising and an e-commerce element will be added to allow direct purchases. THX News will start to be more proactive in producing the news through a series of reporters worldwide.

2nd Q 2023 – Achieving 50% direct reporting of the news. THX News will now become part of the mainstream news services and a pr campaign will start to gain market share.

3rd Q 2023 – We plan to go public (IPO) at the end of 2023. This is a period of preparing for the float and will included extensive outside investments/acquisitions to build a compelling case as a stable long term investment.   

4th Q 2023 – THX News goes public. During this time we will be working hard in the background to make sure all the investments and acquisitions fit in seamlessly with our portfolio.

1st Q 2024 – First dividend issued.

2nd Q 2024 – Details to follow…

The THX News Advertisers

Thank you to all our advertisers both new & existing. With your support we are helping to keep the world better informed. A big thank you to Acer computers, Walmart, AlibrisCanada Pet CareKlookNord VPNPond 5Qatar Airways & Red Roof Inn

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