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About Us

THX News (Head Office  Tucson, AZ) is a rapidly developing news and media website that is designed to be simple and direct.

We first launched the THX News website in April 2020 with a clear objective of providing current and breaking world news from reliable sources.

Our History

THX News is part of an established group which first started in the UK in 1991. Originally the group was a series of 5 retail stores in the UK and US. In 1999 our first website was launched and the company was then called ‘The Golden Books Group’.


In 2012 I closed the Golden Books Group for personal reasons. In 2016 our prints and maps website called Goldiers was launched. In 2017 LoversBee, our specialist free dating website, was launched.  

Current Team

Founder/CEO | Ivan Golden

Social Media Marketing Manager | Joylyn Golden

Senior IT Support | Thomas Golden

Freelancers | Hilary Golden, etc.

Casual contributors | Varies

Group Websites